Heather's 85 Mustang SVO.
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The Bright Red SVO is a 1985 which is mostly stock with 112,000 miles. It sat for a couple of  years here in Fort Collins at a Used Car Dealer/Body Shop. The previous owner rebuilt the motor at 75,000 miles.  It has cloth interior and no sunroof and the A/C works great.  This car is in better condition than my 86 SVO.   Someone has taken care of it.  I think it was a garaged car before we owned it.  Since we purchased it, the car has been in the garage when not driven.  The owner lived 4 hours away and had it in Fort Collins trying to sell it. It had the classic oxidation on the red paint which made it look like a Ripe Tomato.  I spent about 50 hours buffing it and the original paint looks great!  Current modifications include:
  • 3" full exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler.
  • K&N Cone filter attached directly to the Vane meter.
  • Thunderbird Turbo Coupe Intercooler.
  • Boost increased to 17psi.
  • Stock wheels polished (please note, not the wheels in the pictures below)
  • Sony CD player (I have the original also)
  • Best quarter mile is 15.6@89mph in Denver Colorado (5,800ft)

This car was sold to Rich Vogel

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