MAF conversion and tuning for the Ford 2.3 turbo


load = 1000 * [mass air flow (#/min)] / [engine speed * 2]


Project overview

What is needed?

If you don't have ALL of the above items, you will find it very difficult to complete a successful conversion.

Parts needed

MAF meter - Ford produced aluminum, 4-wire meter ranging in size from 55mm to 80mm. Ford also produced a copy of the aluminum 4-wire meter in plastic usually found in the 70mm and 80mm size and found connected directly to the air box. The next generation

Mounting your MAF meter - coming soon

EEC-IV bin files converted to MAF - found at

Using the Moates F3 adapter and Jaybird  - see a quick tutorial

Tuning - See my tuning procedure here


        Changes for large injectors - L series

        Shift light - Info here

        Boost controller - use the EEC to control a high/low boost setting based on speed, load and throttle position.  Info here

        Noise suppressors for MAF - sourced from the DIS on a Ranger or Mustang


Items to study




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