Shift light setup

The Shift light code appears in both the P series and L series processors, but is not activated. 

Using previously documented "how to" instructions, I hooked up the shift light in my daily driven turbo Ranger.

My configuration is slightly different since I also use the automatic transmission code to control boost.  I  changed the following in the L series code (highlighted in yellow)

This configuration will ground pin 53 whenever the RPM is > 5000.

I used 4 super bright LEDs in series and installed them in my dash. The wiring looks like:

Because the pin 53 coil in the EEC allows some current to flow (partial ground), I hooked the LEDs up to a relay triggered by pin 53. This produces a ON/OFF function.

Turbo Ranger:

Install pictures





I used the same LEDs, but wired up 8 LEDs for the gauge location.  With the help of Canfield Industries, we made a custom gauge that locates the LEDs correctly in the gauge cluster.  This is a bolt in gauge, not cutting to the cluster or front panel required.



LEDs total 88 candle power which is bright enough to see during the day and borderline blinding at night.