How I installed the APC on my Volvo:
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I installed the hardware components of the APC system, finished the wiring and got whole system up and running in about 4 or 5 hours.  I took pictures of the installation that may be of some help to other people with 740's for locating the hardware.  I had to defeat the over boost switch under the dashboard since it would shut off the fuel supply at around 13 psi. I did this simply by removing the hose and T fitting to the switch and installing a straight fitting.  I will be either adjusting the stock overboost switch or replacing it with a Saab overboost switch set to 18 psi.  I don't recommend running without the switch.  If a wastegate hose ever popped off, you'd see your boost pressure shoot up so fast that you'd never have time to react.  See the MVP web site for a tech tip on how to adjust your overboost switch.

After a year of operation everything works great! It should prove to be an interesting project as I progress towards getting even more power with other modifications.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Parts needed and where to get them.

Wiring the APC system.

Adjusting the Control unit.

Things to watch out for!

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