Photos of APC installation
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Here is the location I chose for the APC control unit. It is right in front of the air filter housing on the core support. I originally thought I would put it under the dashboard on the passenger side but there was little room, and nothing to attach it to. The box is reasonably weather resistant and should do fine here. I drilled two 6mm holes, in the locations marked, to attach the brackets for the APC control unit.

I came up with some very simple brackets for mounting APC control unit.

This is what it looks like installed.

From the front, you hardly notice it.

Knock sensors. APC sensor mounted on top of ignition sensor with longer bolt.

Close up of solenoid valve mounted on inner fender between coolant reservoir and air filter housing.

Solenoid hose routing.

Power for the APC control unit was taken from the + terminal of the ignition coil. The RPM signal was taken from the - terminal of the coil. The power wire was fused with a 10 amp in line blade style fuse.

View of the engine compartment with everything installed.

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