My old Turbo Ranger 

I no longer own this truck.  Here are the specs as I sold it:
1989 Ranger standard cab short box 2wd.

Youtube videos of Ranger

Engine bay: (click for pictures)
2.3 turbo engine, stock rods and pistons
T3 .63 A/R turbo with front dump elbow on compressor housing
Ported D-port head with Ranger roller cam
DIS ignition (single coil pack)
40bob center mount header ceramic coated
gutted and rotated upper intake
40bob ported lower intake with phenolic spacer at head
94-95 Mustang 60mm throttle body
65pph fuel injectors
Kriban adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Ford Motorsport valve cover

NPR front mount intercooler
Forge 004 blow off valve
Aluminum intercooler tubes, silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps
All copper heavy duty 3 core radiator
2003 Ranger 18" electric fan
92-94 passenger side alternator bracket with 4G 130amp alternator
92-94 power steering bracket (one belt drives everything)
Round tooth timing cogs with adjustable cam cog.

3" SS vband elbow off of turbo
3" SS downpipe (mandrel bends used) with SS flex bellow
3" SS Y-pipe with Canfield Industries boost controlled exhaust dump
Large SS truck muffler (super quiet)
3" tailpipe tucked under rollpan

Engine management:
LA3 with moates F3 chip
70mm MAF housing (gutted) with 6 wire MAF sensor (flows like an 80mm MAF)
Shift light mod (shift light installed in cluster)
Two stage boost controller (MPH controlled)
Additional programming for electric fan operation

Hydraulic bellhousing
Motorsports clutch package
89 Mustang (4cyl) T5 transmission with Hurst shifter
8.8 Rear, 3.55 TL, SS brakes rear disc brake kit
SVO/Lincoln master cylinder
Line lock controlled by button on steering wheel

Front - Belltech drop beams, V6 springs, 95-97 spindles, dual piston calipers
Rear - Axle flip - beefy springs - disc brakes (see above)
Big aftermarket sway bar in front (don't know manufacture)
Gen II 4.0L rear sway bar

Summer wheels: 15x7 front and 15X8 rears with Dunlop rubber (new tires needed at some point) - These wheels are custom see below for details.  I have two extra 15x8 rear wheels that have not been mounted but perfect for drag radials.
Winter wheels: 14" wheels with snow tires

Exterior: (click for pictures)
Explorer Limited grill with faded primer
Clear corners
Both front fenders are rough
Doors are from another truck, manual windows
Bed is from a trailer I found a year ago and is rust free and in great shape (dual gas doors for both tanks if you want to run them)
Sir Michaels steel Roll pan
Hidden hitch behind rear license plate (Class 3 in think)
ARE fiberglass tonneau cover with locking handle (4 keys included)
Overall the truck needs to be painted

Interior:   (click for pictures)
Ranger GT/STX buckets recovered in blue.
Blue door panels, trim, dash and headliner
Dash has black cover and is in great shape
Black carpet
Canadian speedo cluster with shift light and narrow band O2 meter installed.
Electric fan over-ride switch using Explorer rear defrost switch
NO Air Conditioning but AC button toggles the Premium/Regular gas switch in the EEC
Bronco II overhead console with clock and lights
Stock Ford radio

Misc mods:
Rear gas tank only ~12.5 gallon with 255 HP Walbro pump
Optima Red top battery is installed under bed where midship gas tank was installed

More 2008 pictures here

In 2008 I found another bed in white with dual gas doors.

The wheels are custom built by TruDesign Wheel Inc. in Broomfield Colorado.  The fronts are 15X7" rims shells with the 94-97 14" rim centers, back spacing is 4.75"  The rears are 15X8" with a 5.375" backspacing.

I switched over to E85 in 2007.  I also made some dyno pulls with a two different cams, the Ranger Roller and the Engle roller.  At 13psi (fuel injector limited, CFI 46#) I made back to back dyno pulls, the dyno sheet is here. Suprisingly the Ranger roller made only 7hp less than the Engle roller and it made 15lb.ft. more torque overall.
I installed slightly larger fuel injectors (CFI 52#) and was able to turn up the boost to 18psi with the Engle roller which resulted in 325hp, see the dyno sheet here.
I rebuilt the engine and most of the wiring harness in 2005.  I also switched back to DIS ignition and finished up the NPR intercooler install.  Pictures of the rebuild here.

In 2002, I found a clean and straight bed for the truck that had two gas doors.  This allowed me to use the stock gas door and not have the filler sticking out of the bed.

2000, I purchased these Cobra Rs from a local guy, they fit!  I have not been able to get them to rub either! More pictures with Cobra Rs.

I removed the bed to inspect the rear fuel tank and new exhaust, pictures here. At some point before I purchased the Ranger, the midship tank was removed and a 83-88 Ranger rear fuel tank was installed with the stock bed.  The fuel filler solution was to cut a hole in the bed.  The gas fuel level sender was also incorrect, a full tank read Empty on the gauge and an empty tank was just about half on the gauge.

1999, Original purchase

myturbo1.jpg (25594 bytes)
I installed the SVO wheels to see how they would look, but later removed and installed the Fittis on the truck until I found the Cobra R wheels.

  • I purchased the truck from a kid in California that had very little knowledge of the truck and how to work on the truck.  He was the second owner of it in turbo trim.  Unfortunately, he was less than honest on the purchase.
  • It had a 2.3Turbo (Turbo Coupe (TC) intercooler) with a SVO T5, and a 7.5" with 3.73 gears, and SS brakes rear kit using special rotors (basically 5 lug TC rotors) and TC calipers with SS brakes  rear brakes. 
  • So far, I have reinstalled the stock mirrors, steering wheel, removed the driving lights and Fittipaldi wheels. Pictures can be seen here.
  • It ran a 15.7@86 at Bandimere speedway (5800ft) with 12psi which is pretty far down on the power the previous owner said it would make...

Pictures of the truck before I purchased it.

ranger1.jpg (45671 bytes)
ranger1.jpg (45671 bytes)