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Looking for a cheap safe way to get some more power from your Volvo Turbo? The Saab APC turbo boost pressure control system is easily scavenged from a wrecking yard and modified for use on a Volvo 740. This site contains comprehensive information that will help people interested in adding this state of the art system to their Volvo.   This system may also be easily adapted to other turbocharged applications.

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Last Updated:   A long time ago.

Sorry Folks, I am no longer making any more updates to the APC site until I can come up with some sort of control unit modification to make this an ultimate performance upgrade.  I will leave the APC site up for those of you who still want to do the APC modification.  For the most part, everyone has been very happy with their own personal APC installations based on the positive feedback that I have received.  I am removing the APC system from my car for the moment as it is a bit redundant since the 700 series cars have a very good knock sensitive ignition system anyhow.  I will be continuing to look for control unit modifications.  If I find one that I feel is not a total rip-off, I'll post the information to the site.  All of the "performance" upgraded control units that I have found do nothing more than defeat the APC system alltogether.

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