Ford 05+ MAF sensor install in the SVO

Custom tube and 05+ MAF slot sensor flange from Canfield Industries welded to 4" aluminum tube. MAF  tube assembly built to install in passenger fender on the SVO.  K&N filter is RF-1015. Pegasus Auto Racing supplied the 4" flexible tube. to the 4" 90 elbow to turbo.


MAF tube is tucked in upper part of inner fender and is mounted with Ford rubber isolators to reduce vibration.  The filter does not touch anything in the inner fender, so it is free from vibration.  4" aluminum elbow is from a Ford Medium duty truck.  The Holset HY-35 has a 4" inlet.  Canfield Industries welded the 2.5" cast aluminum elbow on the compressor housing and the tube to NPR intercooler is 2.75"

Transfer function for the MAF, click here

Graphical look at the transfer function, click here

My current tune on gas (PCMX) bin and rdt, click here